National Moth Week in Kenny Lake, Alaska (USA)

KL croppedLast week while travelling in Alaska, my wife and I had the pleasure of staying at the Wellwood Bed and Breakfast in Kenny Lake. Kenny Lake, Alaska is in the heart of Copper River Country an amazingly beautiful and historically rich region bounded by four major mountain ranges: the Alaska Range to the north; the Wrangell Mountains to the east; the Chugach Mountains to the south; and the Talkeetna Mountains to the west.

Dave Wellwood and his wife own the Bed and Breakfast and it’s adjacent 140-acre nature preserve that my wife and I had the pleasure of wandering. Dave is a retired school teacher and an ardent naturalist and scientist conducting research on the nearby stream, it’s hydrology and watershed characteristics. Dave told us that despite the lushness of the area, it receives less precipitation than the Sonoran Desert. Dave and his wife are both exceptionally warm and made our stay wonderful. We spoke about National Moth Week and they instantly were interested in hosting an event. Yesterday Dave registered and the details are:

“Come to Wellwood Nature Preserve at 10 PM on the night of 27 July (Saturday) for an event that will be fun, educational, and scientifically significant. We will learn about moths, try to observe a variety of night-flying species, photograph them, and submit our data to at least one scientific organization. Our submitted photos may be identified, used in range studies and other research, and posted in online galleries. Moth Night at Wellwood will start at the Wellwood Center (mile 5.75 Edgerton Highway, half a mile past Kenny Lake School) at 10 PM. A slide show and introductory talk will be followed by a walk to the camp area of Wellwood Nature Preserve, where a campfire awaits, along with a few treats. Moth observation will continue until about midnight. This event is sponsored by Wrangell Institute for Science and Environment (WISE). We hope to see you there!”

If you are anywhere near Kenny Lake, July 27, go! Not only is Dave a wealth of ecological and historical information about the area, but the location where they are holding the moth night and camp fire is simply fantastic. If my wife and I were closer, we would be there in a heart-beat!

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