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There are many online sources for information about moths and how to find them, mothing equipment and accessories and moth designs on everyday items.  Below are a few that the National Moth Week team picked.  If you know of other worthy sites, please let us know (Contact us).



Specialty Lights, mothing equipment , books and more can be ordered from BioQuip.


light trapping from Brian Bockhahn

How to attract moths  – From Brian Bockhahn, Interpretation & Education Specialist, North Carolina State Parks

Light Trapping For Moths   and   Baiting for moths


Discover Life – Moth pages

Why moths? Methods & Identification / How to have a Moth Party?


Mothing with Kids

Mothing Links to websites that will teach you how to look for moths, how to find moth names, why are moths special, fun activities and more.



Pacific North West Moths

Drawing from the knowledge of moth experts and specimen records from the region’s major insect collections, this site features detailed species accountshigh resolution photographs, and an interactive identification key for every Pacific Northwest moth species within the families Drepanidae, Uraniidae, Lasiocampidae, Saturniidae, Sphingidae, Notodontidae, Erebidae, Euteliidae, Nolidae, and Noctuidae Pages. (


Carl D. Barrentine

Videos for moth’ers

Moths and how to moth videos from Dr. Carl D. Barrentine


Moths, mothing, sources and much more – Dave Moskowitz’s moth blog on Wild NJ website.


Moths links and Resources

Links to moth watching,  and other moth related websites. How to find and identify moths, photograph them, bait recipes and more.

see also


Photographing Moths

Links to website, advice and tips on how to photograph moths.

Moth Photography by Ali Iyoob


National Moth Week – Cafe Press shop

Click here to order items with NMW logo (t-shirts, mugs, baby clothes, bags, etc.).


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