North American Locations – 2013

Check out the map below to see what states and provinces are
participating in North America!

Participating States/Provinces

Click on the map above for a larger image.

Click here to see a Google Map including event information and location details.


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4 thoughts on “North American Locations – 2013”

  1. Bethann says:

    Hello, I’m a science writer/photographer currently based in Saskatchewan and Quebec, and I’m just writing to see if you know why there’s no indication of any Moth Week events in Quebec. I’m working on a short piece about the initiative for Quebec City’s English-language newspaper (the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph), and it would be great to have a little more information about our area’s involvement.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Elena says:

      Bethann – Thanks for your question. Our PR person, Sandy Lanman will be in touch with you shortly via email. ~Elena

  2. Liti says:

    Jenn – check out the locations on the Google map at

    The map is also linked on the National Moth Week website at

  3. Jenn Wood says:

    Where in CT are they having it?

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