National Moth Week Media, Locations, Submissions 2014

Media, Locations, Submissions 2014

National Moth Week 2014, July 19-27

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News articles and blog posts

Fox news insider, I was wrong. I wish I had not blogged about National Moth Week as I did, by Greta Van Susteren, blog, Watch the video here, 8 August, 2014, Celebrating the much-maligned moth, by Virginia Smith, 8 August, 2014

The Wall Street Journal, Seeing the Merit in Moths, by Ralph Gardner Jr., 5 August, 2014

Science Friday, ‘Moth-ers’ Celebrate Less-Loved Lepidopterans, 25 July, 2014

NY Times,  An Exaltation of Moths, Much-Maligned Kin of the Butterfly

Insect News Network, NATIONAL MOTH WEEK: 3-Minute “Insect Essentials” Interview with David Moskowitz, July 2014

WBAZ ABC 8, Interview with Carl Barrentine, July 23, 2014

USDA blog, Moths Aflutter in Honor of National Moth Week, July 22, 2014

Science Net Links, Participate in Citizen Science with National Moth Week, July 16, 2014

Scientific American, National Moth Week, July 2014

Bucks County Courier Times,  Winged Mystery Comes to Light on Moth Week, July 16, 2014

The Hindu, Moth enthusiasts seek to tap into citizen science to create inventory, July 15, 2014

The Nature Conservancy, Cool Green Science, Citizen Science Tuesday: National Moth Week, July 15,2014, Moth Week is coming, July 14, 2014

NY Times, Luna Moth: Green, Glowy and in Vogue, July 11, 2014, Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding, July 10, 2014

Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding
Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding


Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding
Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding
Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding
Nature Next Door: Mothing is the new birding

Biodiversity shorts, NMW video

Discover Magazine, July/August issue

The Silent Majority – moths of New Jersey at NJ Audubon Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary July 1, 2014

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences June 28, 2014

Sometimes a fungi is just a flower, » Outdoors

Summer Officially Arrives Today, The Ledger, Lakeland Florida  June 20, 2014

‘Children’s activities – past, present’ – by Bob Mount, Opelika Observer  June 20, 2014, Collaborating with crowds

Almost time for National Moth Week, Beggining to Bird June 14, 2014

Be a moth-er,  by Mari Lane Gewecke, L magazine June 14, 2014


National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Notable News  June 1, 2014

NY State Conservationist

join me: july moth night, bug walk, A way to garden .com

Eva Varga’s blog

National Moth Week in Japan May 28, 2014

Rebecca Rupp Resources, Marvelous Moths

Alaska’s leading expert on butterflies, Ken Philip leaves legacy for Smithsonian  March 23, 2014

Prep for Moth Week
Prep for Moth Week

 Event Announcements

New Jersey Audubon’s Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary, NJ, USA

Blennerhassett Island State Park, West Virginia, USA

Plainsboro Preserve, New Jersey, USA

Magnificent Moth Party In celebration of National Moth Week, Santa Barbara Munseum of Natural History, California, USA


National Park Service – Washington, DC, USA

Moth Week event in Japan

Intervale Lowlands blog – Lake Placid, New York, USA

Friends of Taconic State Park (Registration), New York, USA

Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore, USA

Duke Farm, Hillsborough, New Jersey, USA

Jefferson County, Iowa, USA

Irvine Nature Center, Maryland, USA

Israel Nature Site

Environmental Education Resources for Southeastern states, USA

League of Environmental Educators, Florida, USA

Prep for Moth Week, Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA

New Jersey Pineland Commission, USA

 Prep for Moth Week

Prep for Moth Week

Prep for Moth Week

NMW partners announcements

BAMONA (Butterflies and Moths of North America)

Prep for Moth Week,


Prep for Moth Week


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