USA locations 2014

There are National Moth Week events in all 50 states, Washington DC and Puerto rico.

Click on event markers to see more detailed information about the events. Contact the event coordinator for information about how you can become a part of an event in your area.

Events in the USA are shown on two separate maps.  Please check both for events in your area.

Green markers – Public events | Blue markers – Private events.

View National Moth Week Events 2014 – USA in a larger map

View National Moth Week Events 2014 – USA in a larger map

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14 thoughts on “USA locations 2014”

  1. Come join us tonight for edible insects, bug watching and open studios at McColl Center for Art + Innovation in Charlotte, NC!

  2. I live in western Lee County, AL, not far from Auburn.

  3. AM says:

    How can I click on an event when several are piled on top of each other? Is there a searchable list?

    1. Liti says:

      Zoom in into the map to separate the markers.
      Hope this helps!

  4. uso says:

    Hi, I registered our event for Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and it hasn’t appeared yet. I’m only worried because I would like to edit our entry at some point soon, but i have no idea how to edit something that isn’t shown on the map yet. Thanks for your help!

    1. Liti says:

      The map will be updated soon and your event will be shown than. Events on the map cannot be edited, if there are updates or changes please send us the new information thru the contact page on the website. thanks.

  5. Moni says:

    Just logged on to see what our site looked like and did not find it user friendly at all. I am concerned that potential participants might not know about our event. I can only read part of the description…but if I click on the arrows I get most of it. Very confusing to use. Is there someplace to go on your site to just get our location information?

    The previous years we did this your site was easier to use!

    1. Liti says:

      Moni, please give me information on the event and I will check and edit the map. Liti

  6. Howard Byrne says:

    A few weeks ago, I registered an event for Friday, July 18 south of Tucson, AZ. I do not see this event published on your site.
    I will be collecting live specimens for children to interact with at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s (ASDM) “Insect Night” on the following night, July 19. I suggested to Catherine Bartlett of the ASDM that she register the “Insect Night” event, which she did, and I see that it is posted.

    Is there a reason that my event, which is one of the main attractions and highlights of the ASDM event, is not posted?

    Thank you, Howard Byrne

  7. Deb Hegemann says:

    I am associated with Friends of Wilderness Park located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
    Wilderness Park is a 1,472-acre mostly-public conservancy located in southwest Lincoln. There are many separate branches of the park, some separated by roads including prominently S 14th St, a north-south street which dissects much of the south end of the park. The park is heavily wooded, but also includes some prairieland.

    We are interested in promoting National Moth Day and registering. I would like more information about this.



    1. Liti says:

      Thanks Deb! You can find the online form for the US under REGISTRATION on the menu on top.
      Please send me a message thru the CONTACT page, and i will reply directly with more information on how you can help promote NMW.

    2. Andy Matz says:

      Hi Deb. I have organized Nebraska Moth Night at Spring Creek Prairie for the past two years and have started planning for this year. We have talked about expanding our event to include multiple locations and dates and we’ve always talked about Wilderness park. If you’re interested, we could collaborate. The UNL Insect Science club has done a great job of promoting and volunteering for this event in the past and would love to work with you to get a moth night planned for Wilderness as well. Please let me know if you are interested.

      1. Sandy Lanman says:

        Hi Andy, I’m on the NMW team. Collaboration sounds like a great idea. I saw your event is registered, however I am not seeing an event registered for Wilderness Park yet. It would be great to have moth fans all over Nebraska.

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