National Moth Week In the media 2015

In the media 2015

17 July, 2015, National Moth Week seeks citizen scientists, Canadian Geographic

July 2015, National Moth Week There’s Mothing to Do!, The Nature Conservancy

22 July, 2015,Over 10,000 photographs give research on humble moth a flying start, Times of India

July 22, 2015, Fun Moth Facts for National Moth Week 2015, Birds and Blooms

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18 July, 2015, 15 Pictures of Adaptable, Beautiful, and Misunderstood Moths, National Geographic News

27 March, 2015, New Jersey Might Get 3 New State Symbols, CBS local

27 March, 2015, N.J. could soon have an official state moth,

26 March, 2015, Bill Introduced to Name the Io as Official State Moth of New JerseyNew Jersey Assembly Democrats website.

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