National Moth Week Handouts and Presentations

Handouts and Presentations

You are welcome to use any of the handouts or presentations below to introduce participants at your National Moth Week events to the fascinating world of moths and mothing. NMW is grateful to the creators of these presentations and handouts for allowing us to share them with citizen scientists around the world. If you have any handouts or presentations you would like to share with the National Moth Week community, please contact us here.


Brigette Zacharczenko’s handout: Moth families and other nocturnal insects

Moth and Nocturnal Insect Handout—Zacharczenko 2015

Brigette Zacharczenko would love to see people use her handouts to aid in identifying the most common families of moths and other common insects found at National Moth Week events. The handout also includes a QR code that links to our site.


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