National Moth Week Dave’s recipe for moth bait

Dave’s recipe for moth bait

The sweet fermented mixture varies a little depending upon what I have at home but is essentially:


1 overripe banana and/or a can of peaches in heavy syrup

A few ounces of dark rum (tasted beforehand to insure freshness)

A bottle of dark beer (tasted beforehand to insure freshness) 

A box of dark brown sugar and/0r a bottle of dark molasses

Mash the banana and\or peaches so that they are in little pieces

Mix the remaining ingredients together with the mashed fruit (use a container with a large open mouth for ease of getting the paintbrush in and out)Put a tight lid on and leave in the sun for a few hours to a day.

Paint a 1 foot square area on tree trunks about 3 or 4 feet off the ground, the more trees the better.

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4 thoughts on “Dave’s recipe for moth bait”

  1. So when the moths which take the ‘bait’ end up too canned to move, the birds will have a field day in the morning – right?

    1. It depends of how much alcohol is in a mixture. I saw them dropping on the ground, drunken, after too long the fermentation.

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