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Public mothing events can register even if they are not during NMW.  Use the registration form below.

Use the form to register your NMW 2018 Public or Private mothing event.  


Public and private mothing activities may include mothing at night in backyards, parks and other venues using lights, traps and sugaring; or daytime events like searching for day-flying moths and caterpillars. Public events may also include lectures, presentations and any other moth-related activities. The map will be updated every week. 




20 Responses to Register a NMW event

  1. Tim.H Walker says:

    Is this just for North America?

  2. Mike Patterson says:

    Would it be possible to move the coordinates for the Seaside, OR event so that they appear at the Circle Creek Event Center for North Coast Land Conservancy? 45.95446N by 123.931545W

  3. I’m just a person, can I try doing this myself?

  4. Lisa Powers says:

    I registered a private event 2 weeks ago for Bon Aqua, TN and do not see it showing on the map. 35.949963, -87.309145

  5. Lenny Lampel says:

    Hi, I registered a public event on July 18th in Davidson, NC. The coordinates for the location are 35.458453, -80.779743, but the marker appeared at a different location. Is there any way to have that adjusted? Thank you!

  6. Christine says:

    Do you want records for all moths seen during this week or just the Hawkmoths?

  7. Michael Kurz says:

    Hi Mrinal, Darjeeling is the home of one of the most interesting primitive moths, i.e. Micropterix longicornuella, which is known from a single female only, caught in 1874! It would therefore be very interesting to publish your data (and photos?) on our website

  8. Andrew Reago says:

    I need to edit my event information. I need to add the time of the event, duh! The event will start at 7PM and run until at least midnight, if not later.

    • Liti says:

      Hi Andrew… i do not see a registration from you… when did you register? Please register again with the missing information, and let me know when you do so i can check that i got it.

  9. Mrinal Pal says:

    Darjeeling Forest are most interesting and rich with flora and fauna. Moths are also variety there. Scope of work is also very high.

  10. Mrinal Pal says:

    My area of Moth observation is Darjeeling Forests (Singalila Nation Park), West Bengal, India. local people are not aware about the importance of Moths. can we campaign about it?

    • Liti says:

      Hi Mrinal… yes, let’s teach people to appreciate and understand moths. let us know how we can help.

      • Mrinal Pal says:

        Thank you for the information about Micropterix longicornuella in Darjeeling. Already I have visited Darjeeling and photographed some small Moths. In this rainy season, different areas of Darjeeling are inaccessible due to landslide and road blockade. I will shoot in September also. Local people are co-operating. Some display banner with photographs are to be printed.

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