National Moth Week News / Media 2015

News / Media 2015

National Moth Week Celebrated in all 50 States, July 18-26 (July 2015) For the third year in a row, National Moth Week will be celebrated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with hundreds of public and private moth-watching and educational events registered for July 18-26. This year’s public venues include Grand Canyon National Park, the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Batavia, Ohio. Read more

Celebrates Hawk Moths Fourth Annual National Moth Week 2015, July 18-26 (June 2015) Fourth Annual National Moth Week 2015, July 18-26, Celebrates Hawk Moths It’s a bird, it’s a bee … no, it’s a hummingbird moth! Citizen scientists will be looking for the fascinating hummingbird moth and its relatives in the Sphingidae family this summer as the fourth annual National Moth Week is observed across the U.S. and around the world, July 18 through 26.  Read more

National Moth Week 2015, July 18-26, Invites Citizen Scientists to Celebrate Moths (March 2015)   Registration is in full swing for the fourth annual National Moth Week 2015 (NMW) July 18-26, a global citizen-science project that celebrates the beauty, diversity and ecological importance of moths.  Read more

17 July, 2015, National Moth Week seeks citizen scientists, Canadian Geographic

July 2015, National Moth Week There’s Mothing to Do!, The Nature Conservancy

22 July, 2015,Over 10,000 photographs give research on humble moth a flying start, Times of India

July 22, 2015, Fun Moth Facts for National Moth Week 2015, Birds and Blooms

Read more:

18 July, 2015, 15 Pictures of Adaptable, Beautiful, and Misunderstood Moths, National Geographic News

27 March, 2015, New Jersey Might Get 3 New State Symbols, CBS local

27 March, 2015, N.J. could soon have an official state moth,

26 March, 2015, Bill Introduced to Name the Io as Official State Moth of New JerseyNew Jersey Assembly Democrats website.

Help spread the word about National Moth Week in your community. Download the National Moth week flier (pdf) to hand out or post.

NMW 2015 flyer 50

English – NMW 2015 flyer

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If you are holding a public event, National Moth week encourages you to share your plans with your local news media in order to let your community know about it. Help us spread the word by using the following information as part of your own news release.

Sample news release for 2015 – coming soon


For links to news article, press releases and more from previous National Moth Week events

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  1. Are moths a protected species? I ask this because they chew on my favorite sweaters and their larvae are destroying my garden. Do you have a special trap that would allow me to catch them and take them to a safe location? I hesitate to use moth balls as I refuse to be a party to anything that would harm an innocent creature and would limit it’s reproductive cycle or otherwise disfigure it. Thank you for your concern. My son loves his Moth-er very much!

  2. Southern Arizona is world-renowned for it’s lepidopteran diversity, and we’ll be checking out our annual summer rainy season moths (and other insects) on Friday, July 18, 2014. Bring your camera, and join us on an INCREDIBLE outing. Whether you’re an advanced ‘lepper’ looking for unusual Geometrids, or a novice just looking for a fun evening outing, this will be an event to remember!

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