National Moth Week Who won a book?

Who won a book?

The winners of ‘Pepper’s Special Wings’ are:

Alex, age 8:

“I like to watch moths at night. My mom and me turn on the outside lights and then moths and other bugs come all around and we watch them out the window. Sometimes they try to come inside so we have to keep the door shut! I like that we have to stay up late to see them!    The moth book looks cool. My baby sister thinks it looks cool too.”

Alisen, age 5:

“i like the moths that ‘involved’ (evolved) from white to black in England; they were smart moths. i like ‘involution’ (evolution). moths are like butterflies, but not as pretty.”

Caelyn, age 7:


“I love moths because the caterpillars make great friends.   I love woolly bears.”

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