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Click on a marker to see event information.

Green markers are public event.   Blue markers are private event. Gray markers are public events that are not during NMW.

To register a public event  or private mothing  – click here.

Scroll down to see lists of participating countries and participating US States. 

Participating countries 2020

United StatesGreeceChinaUgandaMadagascar
ColombiaUnited KingdomIndia BotswanaNew Zeland
Costa RicaNetherlandsMalaysiaSouth AfricaPhilippines
MexicoSpainSri LankaZambia
Dominican RepublicAustria SyriaGambia
BrazilSwitzerland RussiaBurkina Faso
VenezuelaLithuaniaHong Kong
BelizeSerbiaPakistan53 Countries
Czech RepublicIsrael
CroatiaHong Kong

Participating US states

Red - NOT participating
Black - Participating
New Mexico
South Dakota
New York
North CarolinaTexas
North Dakota

NevadaPennsylvaniaWest Virginia
FloridaMaineHew Hampshire
Rhode IslandWisconsin
GeorgiaMarylandNew JerseySouth Carolina
Washington DC

31 Responses to Events Map

  1. Salimeh says:

    Hi , i also need to update some details in my evant , website and GBS

  2. Zach DuFran says:

    I need to update the “About your event” description for my event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I sent this information through the Contact page last week, but I don’t see the changes yet. Should I submit this information differently?

    • Liti says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see an email from you. Can you please send again – either through the contact page or to liti [at] thank you. Liti

  3. Lisa Ben Dror says:

    I registered an event at Lincoln Regional Park, 8pm to 10 pm Tucson Arizona and it has not showed up. 32.173187, -110.819557

    The even was changed from being a public event in our front yard, to being private at the park in Tucson Arizona. I’m not sure how to erase or change other comments and events, so I just made a new event registration.

  4. Gylma Barnes says:

    Do not know what to do? Now the ballon placed me in the Center of San Ramon Alajuela…(plus now I have the ballon when I made a mistake also??) I live nearby but in the middle of nowhere… This are my GPS according to Google….10.06795 L -84.51877 (Calle Magallanes) and or 10°04’04.6″N 84°31’07.6″W…But believe me I live in the middle of nowhere not downtown San Ramon…or by San Carlos…Thank you so much Liti

  5. Looks like the map marker colors got swapped at some point (looking at CA USA)

  6. Maurice Cullen says:

    Is there a a way to update my event information? So the pin drop is correct?

  7. Any advice on contacting someone that is doing a private event nearby where I am at? I do not know the person personally but I would be interested in joining their events. Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Stuart Marcus says:

    Can’t seem to get the 2017 event map to show up anywhere.

  9. Zach DuFran says:

    The link to register a private or public event is not working for me. I’d like to add an Avent for Oklahoma.

    • Zach DuFran says:

      Should say “event”…

    • Zach DuFran says:

      I found the registration page, but I’m curious if an event has to be an actual meet-up or if it can simply be a iNaturalist project for a state? If an iNaturalist project is acceptable, does it have to be a BioBlitz (limited time frame), or can it be an ongoing project. We already have a “Moths of Oklahoma” project. Thanks for the help!

      • Here in Hong Kong there is an ongoing moth recording project on iNat.
        All HK moth data observed during NMW week is added, as usual, to the HKMRP, and in addition to the NMW project (and observation field for NMW plus year added to the observation).
        So for OK observations, it should be logical to add to the ongoing MofOK and also to the NMW project.
        Roger. (HK admin for NMW)

  10. Dave crane says:

    When will I see an event I registered for 2017 posted? Thanks!

  11. steve says:

    cannot see the events map. need links to events in ny and nj. thanks

    • Liti says:

      I don’t know why you couldn’t see the map – it’s at the top of this page. If you meant that you want to see it in a better resolution – there are two ways to zoom: you can click, on the ‘+’ sign on the lower left corner of the map and use the cursor to center the area you are interested in. You can also click on the square sign on the upper right to see the map in full screen, than on the ‘+’ sign in the lower left and use the cursor to view the area of interest.
      I hope this helps.

  12. Aaron Goodwin says:

    Oklahoma now has at least 1 event that should show up on the map. 😀

  13. Howdy, I tried to add two events (both at Quail Hollow Ranch) in Santa Cruz County, California.
    I don’t see them on the map yet, and it has been a couple days, so I just wanted to check that they actually did make it into your listings.

    Christian Schwarz

    • Liti says:

      I got your registration… your event will be added to the map the next time the map is updated (the map is updated about once a week). Liti

  14. Mel Donovan says:

    Hi – Is there a way to edit our information? The event date and time needs to show in the blurb. Thanks! Mel

  15. Terry says:

    Hi – I would just like a listing of events in Maine. There are so many balloons on that map, I’m not sure that’s the best way to do it. Too many balloons all crowded together. That would work if there weren’t a lot of them to crowd like that. I was only able to click on one event. A listing of events in each state would be good. I don’t do facebook, etc. If you could just e-mail me the list, that would be great. Thanks, if you can help! Terry

    • Liti says:

      Hi Terry,
      You can see individual events on the map by following these steps: Click on the square at the top right side of the map on the ‘events map’ page ( The map will open in its own window and will be larger. At the bottom you’ll see + and – signs. By clicking on the + sign you will zoom in. Move the courser on the map to zoon in the area you are interested in. You will be able to see the balloons separately and click for information on each one. Hope this help. Happy mothing! Liti

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