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National Moth Week 2017 Report – India Biodiversity Portal

The IndianMoths group on IBP is the Indian partner for Moth Week and it has been hosting the event for the past 4 years. The National Moth Week 2017 was held between 22-30th July. The campaign witnessed good participation with over 350 … Continue reading

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National Moth Week in the Philippines – guest post by Leana Lahom-Cristobal

Leana Lahom-Cristobal, an admin of National Moth Week partner Philippine Lepidoptera, summarizes some events in the Philippines during National Moth Week 2016. The Philippines is a tropical country and the National Moth Week celebration in July falls during the summer monsoon season … Continue reading

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A Guide to BugGuide, Guest post by Robert Lord Zimlich

Robert Lord Zimlich is a Contributing Editor for If you have images of insects and spiders that you would like identified,, is the premier identification website in North America. The interactive nature and easy submitting process, continue to … Continue reading

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Moths:  Why moths? Hong Kong; National Moth Week; Citizen Science; iNaturalist. By Roger Kendrick

I have been asked to write a few words on moths and NMW. So here, in a not too roundabout way, I’ll attempt to explain the significance of moths and National Moth Week . First up – moths. Why should … Continue reading

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Submit moth observations to NKIS – Guest post by Michael Kurz

Our non-profit organization aims in the documentation of organisms (Taxonomy, Ecology, Biogeography) on a global scale, as well as in the interactions between organisms (see also provides functionality for the documentation of biotopes, fossils, minerals and rocks and … Continue reading

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LepiMAP – The Atlas of African Lepidoptera, Guest post by Megan Loftie-Eaton (LepiMAP project coordinator)

  Mapping how species ranges are changing is key to proper biodiversity conservation and can act as an early warning system if a species might be in trouble. Is a species’ range expanding or contracting? If we don’t know this … Continue reading

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