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Looking for moths is very easy. Many people just leave a porch light on and check what is attracted to the light. Others use blacklights and Mercury Vapor Lights that put out light in color spectrums that can be irresistible to moths. Special fermented baits are also used to draw moths in. Read below about different light setups and recipes from bait, that are used by moth’ers, and were sent to Moth Week.

Nolie Schneider’s Light Set Up

  I have a 5′ x 6′ canvas sheet mounted on a PVC frame attached to the back wall of my house, under a 4-ft overhang. It’s a painter’s dropcloth, so it’s quite thick and sturdy to avoid wind vibration. … Continue reading

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Carl Barrentine’s Light Set-up, North Dakota

Like last year, we’ll be profiling some NMW events and light set-ups here on the blog. It’s interesting to get a look at some other mothing set-ups to see what others are doing to attract moths. First up, we’ll take … Continue reading

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NMW 2013 Registrations So Far…

So far, we’ve got NMW events registered in 27 states! We’re over halfway to having at least one event in every state. For NMW2012, we had events in 49 states and we’re determined to have participation in every state this … Continue reading

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Dave Small’s Events in MA

NMW partner Dave Small hosted a series of events in the Athol, MA area ranging from use of mothing equipment, how to ID moths, watching and photographing moths and even a moth campout! Here is a gallery of pictures from … Continue reading

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Guest post – Dino Martins on NMW in Kenya

Dino J. Martins is a Kenyan entomologist, and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer. Dino participated in NMW in Kenya and blogged about it on his personal blog and on his National Geographic New Watch column. Read about Dino’s mothing during … Continue reading

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NMW event – Marcie O’connor, Buffalo County, Wisconsin

Marcie O’Connor often writes about moths on her blog – A Prairie Haven.  Marcie was one of the very first participants to register a NMW event. In a recent blog post she said:”I normally put up my lights to attract … Continue reading

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Guest post, Ken Philip – NMW In Alaska & First Fairbanks record for Drepana arcuata

We had our NMW event, in the Bonanza Creek ExperimentalForest, which is a few miles west of Fairbanks. The collecting site was in the floodplain of the Tanana River, at the base of a bluff covered with a relict steppe … Continue reading

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Nebraska Moth Night

“If there’s one thing moths like, it’s a cheap beer. “The sweeter and stinkier the better,” said Andy Matz, a senior insect science student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. A belt of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Colt 45 mixed into … Continue reading

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The Home Bug Gardener is now a moth-enthusiasts

The Home Bug Gardener celebrated NMW in Edmonton, Alberta. The Bug Gardeners blogged about moths every day of NMW. Here is what he said on July 29th: “Tonight the sun will set on International Moth Week. We’ve had far more … Continue reading

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Moth Night Tonight at Pinelands Preservation Alliance – Pemberton NJ

Moth Night at PPA TIME & PLACE: 8-10 pm; Pinelands Preservation Alliance, 17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088 Description: Join PPA, Elena Tartaglia from the Rutgers University Graduate Program in Ecology & Evolution, and PPA volunteer Matt Sichel for an evening of moth … Continue reading

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