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 Why I Like Moths, by Carl Barrentine

                  There are big moths and small moths,                 Even green moths occur, And moths that like sunshine— Strange what some moths prefer!   There are … Continue reading

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First Time Mothing at our Backyard! Guest post by Yezzy, Venezuela

Venezuela is commonly known for its rich flora and fauna and its magnificent landscapes. It is a beautiful country with many wonders yet to discover. I’m Yezzy, a psychologist and a nature enthusiast who lives in a city called Maracaibo; … Continue reading

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Mothing and caterpillar hunting – Guest post by Isobelle Fox

I came to moths by the same route the moths themselves do – by way of caterpillars. I have been fascinated by them for years, and they are still the primary domain of my interest in Lepidoptera. I moved to Massachusetts … Continue reading

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MOTH PROJECTOR at Prairie Haven

Marcie and Mike O’Connor, moth’ers from Wisconsin (USA), experimented with a new scheme this year, for their moth party. One of the problems people always have – especially folks who have never looked at moths before – is that moths are hard … Continue reading

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Moth inspired art in Japan

Many people in Japan enjoy creating art and craft works that have motifs of living beings. This page links to artists’ work inspired by moths.\ Here are some examples:         National Moth Week in Japan – … Continue reading

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Alison Ainsworth’s Moth Coloring Book

Coloring activity for ages 3-99.  EVERYONE CAN COLOR A MOTH! Alison is a moth’er and a mother in Ontario, Canada. She created this coloring book for her daughter who was too young to stay awake for the entire event. Click here for the … Continue reading

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What Kind of Beginner Are You? – Guest post by Marnie Crowell

Moth watching beginners are invited to a Moth and Muffin event at our house on a Maine island next to a nature preserve during Moth Week, July 25. From 5 AM to 8 AM we will be serving blueberry muffins … Continue reading

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Underwings and mothing in Massachusetts – A geust post by Teá Kesting-Handly

This year NMW is celebrating the genus Catocala or Underwing moths. These fantastic moths may look dull at first glance, but will often reveal their showy hindwings when disturbed. They come in many colors, brown, gray,  black, white, red, yellow, orange … Continue reading

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The G2 Gallery Opens Moths at LArge by Jim des Rivières

  Photography Exhibit Last on Display at New York’s American Museum of Natural History Features New, Local Species   Venice, CA— On June 28, The G2 Gallery will open Moths at LArge, an exhibit from Canadian moth expert and photographer … Continue reading

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A Poem About Moths by Steve Tomasko

Working Class by Steve Tomasko Butterflies schmutterflies. They get most of the press, and all the poetry. Didja know that for every damn flitterin’ kinda butterfly there’s sixteen of us moths? No? Of course not! Didja know that we pollinate … Continue reading

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