The Nature Conservancy Moth Night @ the Kay Center, New Jersey, USA

Original post was published on the Celery Farm and Beyond site, on July 23, 2017.

Can’t say that the weather cooperated, but folks had a thoroughly enjoyable Moth Night with The Nature Conservancy at the Kay Center in Chester last night.

Because of a light but unpredictable rain, we moved the old Mothra movie, the S’Mores and the popcorn inside, and then set up the Mercury vapor light and a sheet under an overhang outside.

We did not expect much moth activity.  All I can is, Boy, were we surprised.

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Project Noah Fun Fact: Bertholdia trigona

Happy National Moth Week 2017!

In honor of this year’s focus on tiger moths, our partner, citizen science website Project Noah, will be featuring a fun fact about the tiger moths (Erebidae: Arctiinae) during National Moth Week.

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Introducing LepSnap – Image Recognition for Moths & Butterflies – Guest post by André Poremski

LepSnap is a community field guide, created and edited by those who share a commitment to catalog the 175,000+ species of moths and butterflies around the world. It’s a smartphone app and web platform that uses image recognition AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help identify moths and butterflies (and caterpillars too!) in photos, which can be later verified by members of the LepSnap community.

At present, LepSnap is well-trained to identify commonly-encountered species of North American moths and butterflies, and we’re calling on all lep-lovers to help us train LepSnap to recognize all species worldwide. This ambitious project is a collaboration between LepNet/SCAN (a Symbiota data portal) and You can join our community by downloading LepSnap for iPhone (Android version coming soon) or signing up on

LepSnap is, and will always be, a free, non-commercial public good.

More about LepSnap:

Download LepSnap for iPhone:

More about the Lepidoptera of North America Network (LepNet):

Have feedback or ideas for how to make LepSnap better?

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Like moths to a flame: National Moth Week, and how you can help our nighttime wildlife – by Dr. Callum J. Macgregor

The International Dark Sky Association is “the recognized authority on light pollution and is the leading organization combating light pollution worldwide.” In a blog on the organization’s website, Callum Macgregor, Ph.D., of the University of York in the United Kingdom, discusses the dangers of light pollution to moth populations. He praises National Moth Week as an opportunity to observe and document moths in habitats around the world that may be affected by light pollution.

Next week, as night falls, people across the USA and around the world will be found huddled in groups, waiting, staring into bright light sources. This is not some strange cult or ritual; in fact, these people are hoping to attract and observe moths—the mysterious and often beautiful denizens of the night. National Moth Week runs from July 22-30, and the organizers hope to encourage enthusiasts to “to learn about, observe, and document moths in their backyards, parks, and neighborhoods.”              Read more



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Bio-Art After Dark

Brandon B 2Artist/scientist Brandon Ballengée is back for National Moth Week 2017 with Bio-Art After Dark, an event featuring moths and other bugs attracted to ultraviolet light, music and more, to be held in Troy, NY.

Bio-Art After Dark: A Sanctuary Sustainer Soirée will feature music by Ryder Cooley & members of her band, Dust Bowl Faeries and a scandalous insect symposium with visiting bio-artist, Brandon Ballengée. Light refreshments (including artisanal bug pizza) included.

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Brandon B 3 Brandon B 1





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More people than moths, Moth Night in Australia. Guest Post by: Dave Rentz

It was nice weather up to the moth night. It rained much of the time. We had about 40 visitors but they were driven to cover by the rain. At one stage there were more onlookers than insects on the light sheets. But we busied ourselves looking at the vegetation in the dark and the rain discovering spiders, frogs and some wet insects. 


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National Moth Week in the Philippines – guest post by Leana Lahom-Cristobal

Leana Lahom-Cristobal, an admin of National Moth Week partner Philippine Lepidoptera, summarizes some events in the Philippines during National Moth Week 2016.

The Philippines is a tropical country and the National Moth Week celebration in July falls during the summer monsoon season which brings heavy rains to most of the archipelago. This however does not dampen our enthusiasm to celebrate this event.  Each year Philippine Lepidoptera, Inc. (PhiLep) sponsors moth watching and photography events in Baguio City at the highlands of the Cordillera. But why in Baguio City?


Though highly urbanized, Baguio City is situated at an altitude of approximately 1,500 meters (4,900 feet) in the Luzon tropical pine forests ecoregion conducive for the growth of mossy plants and trees that are host to a variety of lepidopterans.  Moths are naturally bountiful and attracted to the lights of a mall in the city, hence there is no need to set up sophisticated moth light traps.  Moths cling to nearby plants and walls in the morning before they are predated upon by birds and lizards.

19477991_10211414334572911_456406062_n 19433765_10211414338813017_460437005_n19457997_10211415043910644_1410212408_n

To celebrate the annual National Moth Week in 2016, Cordilleran’s Photo Sharing (CPS) Facebook group members with Rey M. Abellada representing Philippine Lepidoptera as coach did a moth search photo walk. This was registered with National Moth Week 2016. Rain was heavy in the early morning but still they proceeded with the photo walk when the rain abated.  Philippine Lepidoptera (PhiLep) T-shirts, key chains and book markers were given to participants and guests.

19433710_10211414338653013_1915998108_n 19490034_10211414338853018_1409892231_o

Follow Philippine Lepidoptera and their adventures on Facebook or on their website.

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Moths of Huntedon County exhibit – Guest post by Jill Dodds

Hunterdon County Library will celebrate National Moth Week with a moth-themed display at their Headquarters site, which is located at 314 State Route 12 in Flemington, New Jersey.

The exhibit will be located on the lower level of the library, and will feature photographs of 70 moths that are known to frequent Hunterdon County backyards.  Visitors will get a glimpse of the incredible diversity in size, shape, color and pattern that may be seen in our local moths, while learning a bit about their habits and behavior.  They will also have an opportunity to vote for their favorite moth!

The display will open on July 7 and will continue through mid-August.  The library is open from 9:00am-5:00 pm on Monday, Friday and Saturday and from 9:00am-9:00pm Tuesday through Thursday.  (Closed on July 4 and on Sundays).

Images for the exhibit were provided by Jill Dodds, a biologist and nature photographer who resides in Hunterdon County.  All of the moths on display are species that she has found in her hometown.  Some of her favorite nature photos, including moths from other parts of New Jersey, may be seen on her blog at

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Tiger Moths in the spotlight – News Release, 28 June 2017

The colorful, boldly patterned tiger moths are in the spotlight this year for the Sixth Annual National Moth Week taking place throughout the United States and around the world July 22 through 30.        Read more

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India Biodiversity Portal introduces a podcast series for NMW 2017


India Biodiversity Portal (IBP) has been a NMW partner since 2014.  Over the years India, with the help of IBP, had the the second most number of mothing events per country. For 2017 IBP is producing a series of podcasts about moths and mothing.  The first episode was published on June 20, 2017 and more episodes will air in the coming weeks.

In our first episode of the audio podcast series, we are talking to Nagesh, a maths professor with a special love for nature and wildlife. The appearance of Fibonacci numbers in Nature has always fascinated him. He has been a regular contributor to the National Moth Week and has been uploading observations on the India Biodiversity Portal through the Wildlife Conservation Group (WCG) account where he volunteers.

The strangely beautiful forms, shapes and patterns in moths specially interested him. His goal is to document all the Moths in and around the Bannerghatta National Park near Bangalore, and, make the data available for the scientific community.

Click here to listen to the posdcast

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